Patricia lives and works as a full time potter in Northern Ireland.


Primarily a pit firer, her work draws mainly from the ancient ways. Using local clays, native wood and gathered organics to make her work. She uses both wheel and hand to build her forms.

Recently her work has evolved to include wood firing and this continues the ethos of using the nature of fire as a collaborator. Awarded a grant from Arts Council of NI, Patricia is building a wood fired kiln.

Her work is very site specific, both for its environment and ancestry. She gathers materials from a place, using locally gathered fuel to pit fire just like our ancestors. She digs local clay and makes her own terra sigalatta and ash glaze. Wood firing and pit firing create her unique surfaces.

It's not just about capturing the forms and textures of a place but also its very essence by being made of it.

Currently Patricia is relocating from The Ards Peninsula to the Causeway Coast. New studio, kiln shed and pit are in the making and her pit firing courses will resume in 2021